What are some Chinese TV shows or films you suggest for learning Chinese language? I've been watching Chinese children's shows using the PPS application and also Chinese English subbed films from youtube to help improve my Chinese but I need help to find some more interesting shows or films to watch.
Jul 26, 2014 10:25 PM
Answers · 3
Hello, I'm from China. If you want to use the radio media learning Chinese then I suggest you go to see the China recently very fire Documentary - "on the tip of the tongue" Chinese. There, you can contact your Chinese, also can know a lot of China Food. The hope can help you, I wish you can learn Chinese!
July 27, 2014
I think ipartment may be a good choose,it just like friends.And it is popular with the young.However,the speed of their speaking is quick.My English is so poor that I don't know whether you can undersand me.BTY,the Chinese name of ipartment is 爱情公寓
July 30, 2014
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