random french translation questions I need french translations and french idiomatic expressions 1. do french pronounce "gps" using english alphabet or french alphabet 2. translation/expression for "fix somebody up with a date" / "play matchmaker" 3. equivalent expression: "break my neck" / "bust my balls" ie: I not going to bust my balls moving someone else's furniture. Tell them to do it themselves. 4. equivalent expression: 'reach for the stars' 'skys the limit' 5. translate : "defined my generation " ie: the peace movement of the 60's helped define the baby boomer generation . 6. translation/expression : homely looking girl 7. translation: "can I have some more ?" (ie: for requests, think "Oliver Twist") 8. translation: where'd you hear that from ! (ie: when hearing sth. unexpected, shocking, unbelievable, or foolishly untrue )
Jul 27, 2014 7:27 AM
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Some of my answer overlap Vincent's, some are special to my province. 1. GPS french alphabet JAY PAY ESS 2. In Québec we say "touver une "date" (pronounce date in English)/ jouer les entremetteurs 3. se forcer le cul / se casser le cul / se fendre le cul 4. décrocher la lune 5. définir ma génération 6. une fille très ordinaire 7. Est-ce que je peux en avoir encore ? or simply "plus, s'il vous plaît !" (not seen "Oliver Twist" either) 8. "où est-ce que t'as entendu ça ?" (not good grammar but that's how I would SAY it. or "D'où est-ce que tu tiens ça ?" (even worst grammar)
July 27, 2014
1. we use the french alphabet 2. arranger un rendez-vous pour quelqu'un / jouer les agences maritales / jouer la marieuse 3. me casser les couilles / m'emmerder / me faire chier (be careful you can't use these with your boss ^^) 4. maybe "atteindre des sommets" give me a sentence or a context to be sure 5. a défini ma génération 6. Is it about her clothes or her body ? 7. Pourrais-je en avoir un peu plus ? (never seen or read oliver twist) 8. "Où as tu entendu ça ?" "Qui te l'as dit ?" "Tu sort ça d'où ?"
July 27, 2014
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