prepositions Hello everyone! As I'm not native English speaker I have difficulty of using right prepositions sometimes. I've learned that in English it is important to know who perform action (subject) and on who is action performed (object). It implies to use prep. TO. So I understand why TO is used in 1) make love to 2) talk to But I'm not completely certain and I'd like you to confirm or disprove my presumption above:) Could you give me some more examples about this subject and object construction leading to preposition TO ? Thank you !!
Jul 27, 2014 9:44 PM
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Hello Here some examples, hope these help. She wants to travel to Spain. I love to eat chocolate, and he likes to eat crisps. I dance to Jazz music. They ran to the shop. It has to be the only way left to walk to work! The other way is dark. I heard we had to study for the test at college. Why did you need to do that?
July 27, 2014
Here are some more phrases with a subject, a verb, the preposition 'to' and an object: I speak to my teacher I write to my mother I whisper to my friend I listen to my brother or you can use 'to' when the other person is the indirect object I give the book to you. I lend some money to him.
July 27, 2014
Tomas I understand what you would like to do. You would like to find some underlying logic to grammatical rules. English grammar has not grown out of a regimented and systemic laboratory and so there is not necessarily any logic to grammatical rules. Regarding "to", some people have rationalised its use by thinking of "the direction of flow" - from A to B. I went from Paris to London. Or "initiator of action and the receiving end", such as I talk to him. It does not always work. I hit him. Why don't we say "I hit to him"? I lick him. Why don't we say "I lick to him" or "My licks go to him" or "My licks are made to him"? So you see? It's fun to try to find the underlying logic. There is often none, but then to many people half the fun is in being disappointed time after time.
July 27, 2014
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