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What does 大写 mean here? In the song 特务J there is this line 大写J 像一只蝎 鲜艳的刺是我的识别, 我爱谁也不爱谁我是爱情派来的间谍 By 大写 is she saying write it big (so you don't forget)? Can you explain this line to me, please?
Jul 28, 2014 7:00 AM
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Hi Beth, 1. 大写J looks like a scorpion in appearance (you can search the pictures online). 2. 大写J (特务J=Spy J) is very vicious and dangerous, just like the scorpion. 3. 大写J=the Singer(Jolin Tsai, from Taiwan, China), which might be kind of self-mockery; J stands for Jolin... Hope my answer will be helpful...
July 28, 2014
capital letter J
July 28, 2014
Capital letter J 小写 j
July 28, 2014
July 28, 2014
for example: 大写:J 小写:j 大写:L 小写:l 大写:P 小写:p
July 28, 2014
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