Present vs Present Progressive usage? I know that the present tense could be also used to say present progressive actions. For instance, and correct me if I am wrong, "Te digo" and "Te estoy diciendo" essentially mean the same thing. So in which cases would you definitely use the progressive tense as opposed to just the present tense?
Jul 28, 2014 1:31 PM
Answers · 2
In my experience, 95% of the times you would use it in English you would also use it in Spanish. The only case I would say that I would avoid continuous tense in Spanish (compared to English) is when you use it in reference to the future. I am not telling you (meaning "I will not tell you") No te lo diré. Other than that, feel free to use continuous in Spanish as much as you would use it in English.
July 28, 2014
you are absolutely right, Jonathan. However, you prefer the continuous form when you want to stress the fact that I'm telling you that in this very moment. lidia
July 28, 2014
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