Molly Meng
Could you please help us to improve it ? is a new website.We made some books to make spoken Chinese easier,but we are not good at website designing.And we know the website has some problem,but we want to hear the voice from the students.Hope we can help the students to learn Chinese much easier and can speak not just to remember some words or structures.I met a lot of students with poor pronunciation or can not speak Chinese fluently,although they have spent so many time on it.We want to change the situation,that's why we want to make a new book and this website.Please tell me what makes you unhappy in this website.It might be a lot ,so please be [email protected][email protected] your advises are accepted,you can get free classes and also chances to practice with experienced teachers.谢谢大家。
Jul 29, 2014 3:36 AM
Answers · 4
我覺得你們的網站已經很好啊! D: 我會希望你們不只想用英文。我以前好不容易找到西班牙文的材料。
July 31, 2014
Ok it is a commercial site that you would like to draw our attention to - it is simple enough and seems to have been professionally designed, but I suspect you are not really looking for feedback, since there are no materials there to review.
September 25, 2014
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