How to think in English? Before I speak English, I usually consider the words or sentences in Chinese in mind. Speaking English is like a process of translating Chinese into English. It's embarrassing when others talk with me in English, I need to hesitate for seconds and answer him/her with Chinese English.
Jul 29, 2014 10:25 AM
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I think that you should change the method you learn vocabulary, I'm native polish speaker and I don't have problems with fast answers in English. I'm about B2, haven't checked yet. Maybe you should try to read and listen more in English and try to understand it without translating? I think that would certainly help you a lot. Greetings, George.
July 29, 2014
Hello Lacie: I think the greatest need, and particularly so for Chinese students, is to learn to pronounce the sounds of the English Language, prior to working with what the words mean. Your schools has perhaps taught you by a method which eventually cripples your speaking ability. Also, the ability of students to think in English is a gradual process which can only be brought about with programming your brain, memory, and even your body with the sounds of the language. After you do this, you can learn how to "think" in English, which is a logical language. Start with Nursery Rhymes and after that, move on to simple songs. Soon, you will be able to speak with greater ease and spontaneity. Beyond that, you need guided instruction which informs you as to what "core vocabulary" is. It is a mistake to try to use all of the English vocabulary to speak with, write with, and think with. You need to learn a "core vocabulary" of vitally important words for communication. In short, there are many words in English that are a waste of time for anyone. Songs are of benefit as study materials because songs are "conversational". They employ common phrases used in Spoken English. When you become familiar with the simple phrases which appear in English Songs, you will be able to speak with ease and confidence. You should not have to "think" about what you want to say. Speech should come easily for you. Message me if you want more information. .
July 29, 2014
Of course you can convey your object, by using your method. But I think this method has two limitations:1.It takes a lot of time.2. It may confuse native or foreign speakers. In order to overcome this, you should ask yourself "How would an English native speaker say this" when your thinking in English. I agree with Jurek on "Understanding without translating". Good Luck Hassan
July 29, 2014
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