Gustavo Z. Paitch
Final greeting Hello! How are you? There are a lot of words to finalize a message (postcard, e-mail...). What's the best occasion to use it? The words that I know are: - Regards; - Best regards; - Hugs; - Greeting; - Respects; - or just my name; Thank you!
Jul 31, 2014 3:36 AM
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I use 'Regards' for anything slightly formal. It's also a good all-purpose final salutation if you're not sure what to write. 'Cheers' is used a lot between friends in the U.K. That translates roughly as good health / good cheer
July 31, 2014
First off, I do not think that "Greeting" is a particularly good finishing note. That would be better at the start. "Hugs" would be used only in personal correspondence and the rest would be fine in either personal or professional (but more likely professional) settings.
July 31, 2014
Going through your list: - Regards This is quite formal and distant. You'd use it for someone you don't know well or for a business-style email - Best regards This is 'warmer', but still quite formal. - Hugs; 'Hugs' - (or hugs and kisses) is affectionate, but it's something that girls tend to write. To me it seems strange for a boy or man to write this. - Greeting This does not exist. We never use this at the end of a message. - Respects; This doesn't exist either. - or just my name; This is possible but seems a bit abrupt/unfriendly. The endings which I use most are: Best wishes = a useful neutral and semi-formal ending Love = for friends and family Men and boys tend to use 'love' only for family members. If you're writing to a friend, I think the best way to end your message is: All the best = friendly and informal, but not too affectionate (or 'girly'). If I'm hesitating between 'Best wishes' and 'love' (say, if one seems too distant and the other too affectionate) I might also write 'All the best' I hope that helps.
July 31, 2014
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