About the expression "hit the bottom" The expression mentioned above is used when someone is used when someone is have a tough time Is that right? What I wonder is that is this used in spoken english or not? Is this a old fashioned english? or written English? I dont know when and how to use it(hit the (rock) bottom) appropriately And could you tell me other way of saying "having a really tough time?" Slang is ok
Jul 31, 2014 4:12 AM
Answers · 2
"hit rock bottom" is the common usage (not: "hit the bottom"). "rock bottom" means the person is having a hard time, but it also means that it is the *worst* point for that person. If someone has hit "rock bottom" it means it can get no worse for that person. This is a commonly understood term, used in spoken and casual written English. It is not old English, and it is not used in formal writing. @AnthonyNewJersey's examples are good!
July 31, 2014
Here are a few examples Eric: I saw Jane last night, she looks good, but after her divorce she looked like she hit rock bottom. Jimmy was arrested again for drunk driving. I thought he hit rock bottom for the first offense, but he will never learn.
July 31, 2014
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