What is the difference between: "I am done" and "I ended" or "I am gone" and "I leave" I can say: I am done my homework I ended my homework? Thanks in advance
Jul 31, 2014 4:58 AM
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"I am done" means you have finished something. "I ended" means you made something stop. ------------- The two examples you wrote are not correct...you could say: "I am done my homework" This should be: "I am done *with* my homework." "I ended my homework?" This does not sound correct here. This should be: "I finished my homework." ------------------ I am done with my homework. I am done with my chores. I am done eating. I am done exercising. I ended the discussion. I ended the date early, because the guy was a jerk. I ended the chess match by beating my opponent. You can use "finished" if it is something you are doing: I finished eating. I finished my homework. I finished doing my chores. I finished studying the Spanish book.
July 31, 2014
You can say "I am done with my homework" or "I finished my homework" to say that your homework was completed. Or, you could say "I stopped doing my homework" if you were working on it, but did not finish it. Saying "I am gone" is saying that you have already left the place that you were at. You would probably say "I'm already gone" or "I already left" or just "I left" Example: Someone calls you on the phone and asks if you are at a party. You say, "I already left" if you are no longer there anymore. 'Leave' has several definitions, and you can say it different ways You would say "I will leave" if you haven't left yet, but you will in the future Example: 'I will leave after I finish eating" If you are in the process going from a place, you would say "I am leaving" Example: You would say "I'm leaving!" to you mom as you walk out the door Hope this helped!
August 3, 2014
'I am done with my homework', sounds right to me, David. I finished writing this post to you. My daughter and I ended our careers with IBM. Please do not answer the phone while I am gone. If my husband calls back, tell him I am gone. When I leave, please finish filing the papers.
July 31, 2014
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