swear as we know swear has two meaning does it have the same proposition ,for ex, using the offensive, he slapped and swore at me, let me know please another meaning(promise)in a few sentences
Aug 1, 2014 12:56 PM
Answers · 2
1. The witness was sworn in before his testimony. 2. My friend swore that her words were true. 3. I swear I have never experienced such strange weather before.
August 1, 2014
When you are using the term to mean someone said offensive words, you would use "at." "He swore at me." When you are using it to mean that someone made a promise, you use "to." "He swore to me that he would never leave me." Of course, as Randy showed, there are other ways to use "swear" without prepositions or as a phrasal verb.
August 1, 2014
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