why can't I understand the videos in English from youtube? I try to understand them but I can understand just one word and I need to read subtitles in English, in order to understand them, I feel I am more or less good in reading in English than listening? how can I improve that skill?
Aug 2, 2014 6:54 AM
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I have the same problem with Spanish. Our brains are used to hearing words, and understanding the meaning of those words, in our own language. Even when we hear our own language spoken with a strong accent, our brains can figure out the words. But when we hear a new language, it is just noise. We must train our brain to listen to the new sounds. This doesn't happen when we just read and write, and know all the grammar of a new language. It ONLY comes by practice. Keep listening to English and reading the subtitles. Listen to an audio book in English while you follow along reading the printed version. You must train your brain! Don't give up, just keep listening, and soon your brain will figure out that those sounds that seem like one long string of noise, are actually words with meanings, and it will soon start to interpret them as such.
August 2, 2014
I can understand the Spanish spoken by the announcers in "The News In Slow Spanish." I have trouble understanding the samples of speech by native Spanish speakers at this website: http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/beg01.html A teacher, an announcer, a politician giving a speech, speaks slowly, carefully, with clear pronunciation. In real life, when we are just talking casually--colloquial speech--it is different. Written or careful spoken speech: "Would you like to go to the movies with me tonight?" REAL colloquial speech is more like this. "Hey,, uh, so I was thinking may--hey, are you--I mean--um. Busy tonight? Because maybe so. I'd kinda like to see it. The new one, 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' are you interested?"
August 2, 2014
try watching videos that talk about less complex ideas or issues. Keep it simple. Maybe something like a kids' show or about a subject you are very familiar with. Don't be afraid to pause the film so you can read the subtitles. And lastly, make sure the subtitles are legitimate, good subs. There are plenty of bad subbers out there. Keep at it, Nick
August 2, 2014
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