Why wasn't woodhull popular with the more staid members? The eccentric Woodhull wasn't popular with the more staid members of the women's suffrage movement. Why wasn't woodhull popular with the more staid members? Just eccentric? If you know the other reasons, could you give them to me?
Aug 2, 2014 9:52 AM
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Hi One reason I know of was that she believed in free love, that a woman should be able to marry if they want or not marry, divorce if they want and decide whether they want children or not. This would not have been popular with staid members who did not believe in this and that women should marry and have children and not get divorced. Women in those days did not have many rights and it was expected that they marry and have children and obey their husbands and the law. It was not expected they would divorce and they should not have children unless they were married. Woodhull also was very vocal on a lot of issues and was a candidate to become a president in the USA. She wrote a story about an affair at that time, this too would not work well with staid members, as a women should not write such things. She was in fact arrested on charges of obscenity. Also of course she went against the grain, against the common assumptions about how a women should behave or behave in public. I am sure others will know much more but this is what I remember.
August 2, 2014
The words eccentric and staid are almost opposites here. "Staid" means something like unadventurous, dependable, and respectable. A staid person would act in a way that wouldn't get too much attention. An eccentric person on the other hand usually does his or her own things, without caring what other people think or what the normal way to act is. In the days of the woman's suffrage movement, it was very important that men and women acted a certain way. Women were supposed to be meek, work at home, and be loyal to their husbands. They were taught from a young age to respect society's rules. So, an eccentric person sometimes wouldn't get along with them.
August 2, 2014
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