Which of these negatives is correct? I understand that "Ich mochte nach Berlin fahren" means I would like to drive to Berlin, but what would be the correct way to say I wouldn't like to drive to Berlin? Would it be "ich mochte nicht mach Berlin fahren", "Ich mochte nach Berlin nicht fahren", or "Ich mochte nach Berlin fahren nicht"? Can someone tell me which if any of these are correct and help me to understand why?
Aug 2, 2014 3:20 PM
Answers · 2
Rules e.g.: Your sentence has 4 parts, so there are in principle 5 choices for the place of "nicht": 1) Nicht ich möchte nach Berlin fahren (not me, but e.g. you). Negates "ich", doesn't express what you want. 2) Ich nicht möchte nach Berlin fahren: WRONG, the verb must be in second position (which is where all this trouble comes from). 3) Ich möchte nicht nach Berlin fahren: Negates "nach Berlin", but is general enough to express what you mean by "wouldn't like". This is the version you'd use. 4) Ich möchte nach Berlin nicht fahren (not drive, but maybe fly). Negates "fahren", doesn't express what you want. 5) Ich möchte nach Berlin fahren nicht: Only possible as an exception, but there's already a better place for "nicht" (3), so it's wrong.
August 2, 2014
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