What do it means?What's the difference? Could you explain me? Tell me about it as much as possible 1) I have got a pen. Can I say "I got a pen."? or "I have a pen"? What's the difference? What's correct? What's more formal? 2) I have to meet my mother. Can I say "I got to meet ny mother?" Can I say "I gotta meet my mother" ? or "I've gotta meet my mother" I have heard that it's a slang. So what's the difference?
Aug 2, 2014 11:11 PM
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I'll start by correcting your question: 'What does it mean?' And here's some answers: 1) I have a pen = correct neutral/formal I have got a pen I've got a pen = correct neutral/informal I got a pen = 'incorrect'* very informal 2. I have to meet my mother. = correct "I got to meet my mother?"* "I gotta meet my mother" ?* or "I've gotta meet my mother" * * You can say all of these if you want to. Millions of native speakers all over the world say these expressions the whole time. According to the grammar books, they're wrong. If you write them in an English exam, they'll be marked wrong. If you put a job application using them, you'll never get the job. If you write them in most situations, you'll give the impression that you're lazy or badly educated. So, it's up to you. Good English or bad English. It's your choice.
August 2, 2014
I gotta meet me muvva is how I say it!
August 2, 2014
If you were to say "i got" something, it would indicate that something was given to you or that you took it. I.e: I got a dog from the shelter. To say you "have" something, means you possess it. I.e: I have a dog You could say "I"ve got to meet my mother"
August 2, 2014
I'd like to listen about it from american speakers
August 2, 2014
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