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나는 한국과 서울로 이동해야 하는가? 나는 중국이나 한국에 갈 생각. 한국 서울에서 흥미로운 무엇입니까? 일부 놀이 공원, 관광 명소? 그것은 나를 위해 매우 어렵, 나는 사랑 놀이 공원 여러분의 관심에 감사드립니다
Aug 3, 2014 5:48 PM
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Thank you!
August 12, 2014
Hi Mi Mi, Sorry for late reply. So, I guess you are planning to visit either China or Korea, am I right? Since I am in Korea, I will recommend you some nice places I know and some good websites. For the websites, you may look up the websites below, http://www.visitseoul.net/en/index.do http://asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/index.kto And for my recommendation, I personally love to visit temples in Korea. There are some temples you can stay and experience temple life for a few days (you can find in the website or just google 'temple stay in Korea'). And for shopping, I recommend 'D-cube city department' at Sindorim Station. Also, the shopping malls in Gasan City near Gasan digital city Station are famous. And as you mentioned in your question, if you are interested in amusement parks, visit 'Everland'. It is pretty big and famous amusement park in Korea. There is huge swimming pool as well. ) Look up its website below, http://www.everland.com/web/multi/english/everland/main.html Hope you enjoy Korea! =)
August 12, 2014
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