how can i answer this ?,? "에이... 이쁘기만 하시던데... ㅎㅎ‎" i don't know if he talking about me or about herself = (a picture of hem) i'm really confused and i don't know what can i say !! please help
Aug 4, 2014 6:50 PM
Answers · 5
Because there's the '시' then the person can't be talking about themselves. It means "you're just beautiful" or "he/she is just beautiful".
August 4, 2014
As topo morto commented above, he is talking about you because of the honorific suffix "시" which can't be used for a speaker himself. There will be lots of ways to react to that, but you can say either of 1. 에이, 농담하지 마세요 = You've gotta be kidding me, please don't or 2. 정말요? 고마워요 = Really? So kind of you to say that. \^o^/
August 5, 2014
In this case it means "You are just beautiful :D". 에이 is something like Nah/Ah/Uh/Aw. You can just say thanks
August 5, 2014
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