What are the differences between "so do I" and "so I do" ? When I should use one of them? Could you give me some examples? Thanks a lot
Aug 5, 2014 9:57 AM
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you are a chinese,so.... 一、So do I的用法 该结构主要用来说明前面所说的情况也同样适用于后面的人或物,意为“……也一样”。该结构中的助动词 do 根据前文的情况也可换成 is, am, are, was, were, does, did, can, could 等。如: He passed the exam, and so did I. =He passed the exam, and I passed the exam, too. =Both he and I passed the exam. =He and I both passed the exam. 他通过了考试,我也通过了考试。/ 他和我都通过了考试。 又如: They went to the zoo yesterday. So did we. 他们昨天去了动物园,我们也去了。 但是如果前面所述情况为否定式,则用neither, nor引出倒装句(此时不能用so)。如: He couldn’t do it, and neither could she. 他做不了这事,她也做不了。 He never comes late. Nor do I. 他从不迟到,我也从不迟到。 二、So I do的用法 该结构主要用于加强语气,其意为“的确如此、确实如此”,表示后者赞同前者的话或意见,只是进一步强调并重复前句所述的内容。前后句的主语指的是同一个人或物。该结构中的助动词 do 根据前文的情况也可换成 is, am, are, was, were, does, did, can, could 等。如: —He has done a good job. 他干得不错。 —So he has. 他的确干得不错。 —He will speak at the meeting tomorrow. 他明天将在会上发言。 —So he will. 确实如此。 —He went to see his friend yesterday. 他昨天去看朋友了。 —So he did. 的确如此。
August 5, 2014
Example for "so I do" : My husband doesn't like to do the yard work, so I do. The "so" means "therefore" in the sentence.
August 20, 2014
I think "so I do" is not really correct, not in the way that you mean. "So do I" is used to express that you have or do the same thing as someone else has just mentioned. 比如 You are discussing movies, and your friend says to you, "I just love the movie 'Avatar'." You happen to love it too, so you answer, "So do I, it's my favorite movie!"
August 6, 2014
"So do i" is used as a positive response to a statement, for example; one could say to you " i want to sleep" and you would response by saying " So do i" meaning that you want to sleep too, the same would apply if the verb in the statement was in the past tense , " i slept well yesterday" , and you would response by saying " so did i " , as for " So i do" it's a grammatically incorrect statement, unless if if you mean " yes, i do".
August 5, 2014
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