I need translations for the quotations below. Literal and conventional translations, please. "Uns fällt schon was ein." "Wo trefft ihr euch denn sonst immer?" "Du warst noch nie hier, oder?" "Wenn du die Absicht hast, mich anzufallen, dann mach's doch einfach." "Wahrscheinlich haben sie sie genommen, als er tot war. Armes Pferd, sie hab bestimmt richtig Angst." "Wie schaffen wir es, noch mal Anfang zu springen?" Thank you.
Aug 5, 2014 12:19 PM
Answers · 1
As I don't know your purpose, this is at leat convential: ' I am sure we will get an idea' ' Generally where do you meet ? ' ' You haven't been here, isn't it ?' ' If you have the intention attacking me, so why don't you do it? / go ahead and just do it.' ' Propably they took her when he was dead. Poor horse, she is (in case of hat) they are (in case of haben) certainly very angry.' 'Wie schaffen wir es, noch mal von neuem zu springen? ' How can we manage, to start jumping again ?'
August 5, 2014
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