Spanish listening comprehension I can hear some strong Spanish dialect in the part below. I'm a completely a beginner of Spanish, so I'm wondering if I could have help with what he is saying in Spanish. 5:25-5:32 Thank you in advance!
Aug 6, 2014 3:27 AM
Answers · 6
He speaked Spanish but only said "son latino"
August 6, 2014
Man!!! he is chinese or something like that and his spanish is so bad that i can't understand what he is saying, maybe something like "y te creo, damelo alo alo" or maybe "y te creo dame luz arroz arroz" but this last doesnt make any sense...i really think he is just making up spanish, you know fooling around... if you get to find out what he wanted to say please tell me!!!
August 6, 2014
AMIGO!! Thanks for your answer, Edgar!
August 6, 2014
I think he say "perreo" this is a kind of dance for dance regueeton
August 6, 2014
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