Please answer these sentence for me. i will really appreciate it. 1.The Church of England is effectively led by its General Synod, a Church body that includes bishops, representatives of the clergy, and lay church members. What does “lay church members” mean? Does it mean the people cling to church closely but not the member of clergy? 2.The monarch makes appointments based on the advice of the Prime Minister, who in turn bases his advice on lists of candidates supplied by the Church. What does “in turn base” mean? 3.The Church actually has a big say in the choice of leaders, but the monarch has the final say. What does “big say” and “final say”? Does it means church take a big part of it. But the monarch decide it. 4.The modern monarch, concerned with everything from opening buildings to doing charitable work, from state visits to royal garden parties, seems a far cry from the rulers of old. What does “opening building ” mean? Does it means the chamber to meet others?
Aug 6, 2014 7:35 AM
Answers · 2
1. "lay members" = people who are not priests/clergy, just regular people 2. "in turn" = in succession; the second action happens after the first action 3. "to have a big say" = to have responsibility and/or influence in a specific situation; likewise, "I have little say in the matter" means "the other people in the group don't care about my opinion" 4. I'm not sure about "opening buildings" here -- it sounds like it might be related to "grand opening," when a business opens for the first day.
August 6, 2014
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