please explain these sentence for me. i will really appreciate it 1. this is Logan Fell coming to you live. this is a sentence from the vampire dairies the 1 season 4 episode .what does "coming to you live" mean? is it a way of show? 2. Damon said to Stefan "we were at the very first one, remember?" what does"we were at the very first one" mean? 3. still in this TV series 1 season 4 episode.when Stefan gave Damon a drink, Damon said "no, thanks, i'll pass" what does "i'll pass" mean? is it mean he will be drunk or he just doesn't want it? 4.when Jenna want does shoots,Logan said "don't shoot. only need to refill" Jenna said"shooting and place carrion" what does "place carrion" mean? 5.when Elena felt sad for being middle of Stefan and Damon's rivalry. she said "i got all snotty" what does "i got all snotty" mean? 6. this is going to be strike 3. so does strike 3 means out of game? 7. before Elena found out the bruises of Caroline's body,Caroline said"my radar must be off" what does "radar"mean?
Aug 6, 2014 7:53 AM
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"Coming to you live" means that the broadcast is occurring live, and is not pre-recorded. "we were at the very first one" is stylistic and means that in the beginning (many generations ago) we all came from the same parent or they were part of the same nation/community. "I'll pass" means that he doesn't want a drink. He is saying normally he would, but not this time or not with that person. "place carrion" should perhaps be "place the carrion" and means to put a freshly killed animal somewhere it will be found by the enemy/predator. "I got all snotty" means to sulk, or be argumentative, and generally be behave unpleasantly. "strike 3" is a baseball term and means the batter has missed the ball 3 times and must leave the field. In common use we mean the other has had three chances and now they must live with the consequences. "radar" in this context means intuition. If your intuition (radar) is off, then you won't see/guess what is about to happen.
August 6, 2014
Please put forward your own attempt. Then we shall correct your work for you. Otherwise, you are just treating members here as your unpaid research assistants.
August 6, 2014
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