Matty Sue
how to say "I tried to go (do something)" ex: 저는 침대를 가고 있는거 노력했는데 안 자더라. I tried going to bed, but I couldn't sleep. "보세요"하고 "노력하다" 같아요? 달라요? 어떻게? 오늘 새 문법을 배웠어요. I'm just a beginner, so my grammar is pretty bad. I'm trying to figure out how to say "I tried to (do something)". 고마워요.
Aug 6, 2014 11:57 AM
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I'm not sure if it will work in your situation, but I had the same question a couple years back and to "try something" we usually use verb+보다. ex. 해봐요. try it 먹어봐요. try eating it For your phrase try saying "I wanted to sleep" instead of "I tried going to bed"... in that case it would be "저는 잠을 자고싶은데.....
August 6, 2014
1. "~해보다." ("~해보세요.' is used in speaking when the speaker is advising someone to do something.) = Try + ~ing ex) 이것을 먹어보다 (to try eating this). / "이거 먹어보세요." ("Try eating this.") 여행 해보다 (to try travelling). / "여행 해보세요." ("Try travelling.") 그것을 씻어보다. (to try washing it). / "그거 씻어보세요." ("Try washing it.") 2. "~하려고 노력하다." = Try + to~ ex) 그것을 먹으려고 노력하다. (to try to eat it.) 여행을 해보려고 노력하다. (to try to travel) 이것을 씻어보려고 노력하다. (to try to wash this.) Hope it helps... somehow! :)
August 7, 2014
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