Who can help me to speak in English? I think best way of improving English is speaking.
Aug 6, 2014 2:26 PM
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It doesn't matter if you study English with native or not native speaker.Remember that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of all the grammar rules.Many ESL teachers know more grammar than native speakers. I often ask my native English friends some grammar questions.and only a few of them know the correct answer.However they are fluent in English and can read,speak,listen and communicate effectively. Reading,listening and speaking are the most important aspects of any language.The same is true for English.However,speaking is the only requirement to be fluent.It is normal for babies and children to learn speaking first,become fluent,then start reading,then writing.So the natural order is listening,speaking,reading then writing. Being able to speak a language is not related to how smart you are.Anyone can learn how to speak any language.This is a proven fact by everyone in the world.Everyone can speak at least two languages.Whether you are intelligent,or lacking some brain power,you are able to speak two languages. This was achieved by being around that language at all times.In your country,you hear and speak your language constantly.You will notice that many people who are good English speakers are the ones who studied in an English speaking school.They can speak English not because they went to an English speaking school,but because they had an evironment where they can be around English speaking people contantly. There are also some people who study abroad and learn very little.That is because they went to an English speaking school,but found friends from their own country and didn't practice English. You don't have to go anywhere to become fluent English speaker you only need to surround yourself with English.You can do this by making rules with your existing friends that you will only speak English.You can also carry around an iPod and constantly can see,you can achieve results by changing what your surroundings are.
August 7, 2014
Someone who is a native English speaker bayram..
August 6, 2014
I think, I have asked it :)
August 6, 2014
Well, What is your question?
August 6, 2014
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