compulsory. Can we use - compulsory and mandatory interchangable? Thanks
Aug 6, 2014 6:45 PM
Answers · 2
Not always. I could be wrong, but my understanding is this: Compulsory is for something that one is required to DO. Mandatory is a more general term and can include not only things that you must do, but also things that are done to you. For example you can say "It is mandatory for every student to be given a booklet of instruction" but compulsory would not fit because the student is not doing it, the booklet is given to him. On the other hand you can say "The entrance exam is compulsory for every student" because every student must do it. The origin of the words explains why: To mandate something is like to make it into a rule, or a law - a must. A mandate is the noun. To compel someone is to push them and force them to do something. Compulsion is a noun from this verb, and compulsory is the adjective
August 6, 2014
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