Wo kann ich kaufen ein Buch Deutsch? I'm looking for books to read, completely in German. I'm not looking for textbooks but casual reading material to help me learn and practice. I haven't found anything on Amazon so any other places I can try?
Aug 6, 2014 11:08 PM
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Wo könnte ich Bücher über Deutsch kaufen ist auch richtig?
August 7, 2014
Hello, Here are some German websites where you can find books for beginners. The books are pretty cheap, and some of these websites offer free downloads:[]=3&clickpath[]=26&clickpath[]=3 If you have any further questions, fee free to contact me here on italki:
August 7, 2014
If one is learning a language and maybe is just a beginner, it is useless to buy any book in that language because it is almost certainly that one is not able to understand. My friend in Canada had the same problem. It is not possible to buy any German book at the book store without giving the ISBN number. On Amazon there are a lot of books for beginners and for people learning German with different levels. You only have to know, how to find. I found a few books for you, level A2, especially made for learners. Most of them are even with an audio CD. I use this kind of books for learning French. I love them and have a lot of them. If you search Amazon with the keywords "deutsche Lektüre A2" for example, you'll find a lot. And you can also pick up the ISBN number from them:üre/dp/358901508X/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1407392634&sr=8-9&keywords=lernkrimi+deutsch Link Amazon with the keywords: deutsche Lektüre A2:
August 7, 2014
You should say "Wo kann ich deutschsprachige Bücher kaufen?"....The plural shows that you do not look for one special book, but books in German in general. I don't understand why you cannot find German books on for sure has many, but you can buy German books everywhere. Depending on where you are you can also ask at a local bookstore.
August 7, 2014
haben Sie nur an "" recherchiert ? oder auch an ""? ich glaube,mit ein Kindle (natürlich brauchen Sie ein Konto auf "Ä")können Sie unzähligen deutschen E-Bücher kaufen.
August 7, 2014
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