What is better American english or British english What kind of english is easier, the American english or the British english?
Aug 7, 2014 10:04 AM
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BRITISH ENGLISH IS BETTER! All joking aside, in terms of grammar etc. there are no major differences, there are slight differences in spelling. e.g. color (US) and colour (UK), fuelled (UK) and fueled (US), centre (UK) and center (US), etc. and also differences in choice of words such as on holiday (UK) and on vacation (US), pavement (UK) and sidewalk (US) but not to the extent that a British person wouldn't be able to understand an American or vice versa. In terms of regional accents, I think American accents overall may be easier to understand than British ones (my opinion as a Brit), as British accents do vary quite a bit despite only being a small country. In the UK not everyone speaks Queen's English and many people struggle to understand northern accents when they first come here. However the deep south American accent can also be quite hard to understand (even for native speakers). I guess at the end of the day there is no real definitive answer to your question. I would honestly say just learn English, and you'll naturally pick up on the differences between regional varieties.
August 7, 2014
I think Chim`s answer makes good sense. I would also add the question -- in which English speaking region do you think you will spend the most time? -- or, with which native English speakers do you think you will spend the most time? That's probably the regional variety to shoot for.
August 7, 2014
British English is certainly better than American. I will not say that it is "better", but it is definitely easily understood. I mean the ideas you want to convey to a person, are conveyed in a logical and plain manner. Whereas in American English, they have a lot of words which are typical only in North America. There are differences like "lift" in British English is called "elevator" in American English. Well, I am an Indian and I have completed my entire education in English. I was required to study law too during my studies, and I have researched quite a lot on how Americans speak. Everywhere you go, you will find some words here and there are native to the region where English is spoken. This is true also for countries like Australia and New Zealand. These two follow British English because they were once colonized by Great Britain. Personally, I find British English much easier to understand. I hope this helps you, but you could try a course for IELTS, the results of which are applicable in most countries of the world :)
September 20, 2014
Hallo, Chris. Britische Ausprache (Received Pronunciation Dialekt) ist besser als amerikanische Ausprache (General American Dialekt). Im Amerikanischen wird zum Beispiel ein „r“ meistens ausgesprochen, während es im britischen Englisch nur dann gesprochen wird, wenn es vor einem Vokal steht. Eine der auffälligsten Eigenschaften ist das so genannte "t" Flapping. Im Amerikanischen wird ein "t" oder auch "tt" zwischen zwei Vokalen wie als "d" auszusprechen, z.B. "Manhattan" ist "Mänhäddn" oder "Cincinatti" ist "Cincinäddih". Britische Englisch hat einen starken Kontrast der Länge zwischen "kurz" und "lange" Vokale. Deiser Kontrast ist viel weniger offensichtlich in Amerikanische Englisch.
August 7, 2014
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August 7, 2014
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