How to pronounce these words ? Is 'k' pronounced in words like dakwah . and the 'y' in words like syariah ? It'll be great if you know any resource about reading rules in Indonesian,and how letters sound when they follow each others like 'ch' in English
Aug 7, 2014 2:20 PM
Answers · 1
Hello, hope this could help, this is how we pronounce the alphabets in Bahasa Indonesia : a in 'papa' b in 'but' c in 'chop' d in 'dakwah' e in 'bet' or 'egg' f in 'food' g in 'get' h in 'hope' i in 'in' j in 'jug' k in 'dakwah' l in 'lamp' n in 'now' o in 'on' p in 'papa' q in 'quebec' r in 'Bahrain' s in 'south' t in 'tight' u in sounds like "bOOk" double OO v in 'victory" but a bit soft w in 'wish' x in 'xerox' y in 'yoyo' z in 'zebra' Happy learning Bahasa :)
August 8, 2014
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