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What are some good connecting phrases in Japanese I can use to make my conversations more natural? In English we often say things like: "Well..." " That's a good question" " Actually.." "Although..." "However..." "As you may expect" "you might be interested to know that...." Can anyone help me find similar Japanese phrases?
Aug 7, 2014 8:00 PM
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Another suggestion. "As you may expect" - やっぱり、やはり(←相手も知っていることを前提とする言葉) - さすが (←ちょっと褒め言葉の意味がある) - ご承知のとおり(←丁寧) "you might be interested to know that...."  - 興味ある(知りたい)かもって思うんだけど、~ - ご興味おありかと思いますが、~
August 7, 2014
"Well..." まぁ " That's a good question" さぁ、どうでしょうね/いいしつもんきいてくれたね " Actually.." じつは "Although..." だが "However..." しかし "As you may expect" きたいしてるどおり "you might be interested to know that...." あなたがしらないかもしれないが、・・・
August 7, 2014
ところが by the way けどね but you know... Is also good ^_^
August 7, 2014
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