What are some purely Persian words that are useful, that I may not have heard? I don't want really simple ones like begu etc. but ones that are less used but still useful. If they sound nice, that's even better! mersiThanks for the answers but when I asked this question, I actually meant words that are of Persian origin (not arabic etc.).
Aug 8, 2014 12:43 PM
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Another one that is in use is 'to bluff' or 'خالی بندی' (khāli bandi) and the verb is 'خالی بندی کردن' (khāli bandi). You can also say خالی می‌بندد (khāli mibandad) for 'he is bluffing' (in Tehrani accent, you can hear 'خالی می‌بنده' or khāli mibande). When you want to say 'Don't bluff!' you can either say 'خالی نبند' (khāli naband) or 'خالی بندی نکن' (khāli bandi nakon).
August 8, 2014
I don't know these following words what is in Persian but You can use them in struggles ,in rude talking خالی بازی :-) khali bazi هندونه زیر بغلم نذار hendoone zire baghalam nazar تفت نده taft nade موش ندوان moosh nadoeun ساقیتو عوض کن saghito avaz kon رد دادی آ rad dady aaa خف khaf خفن khafan لومپن lompan شیرین شدیshirin shody خرمغز khar maghz واسه همه لاتی! واس ما شوکولاتی vas hame lati! Vas ma shookoolati :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) Excuse me I'm so polite But When I saw your question,I change to naughty
August 9, 2014
سلام جک ! سپاسگزارم Se-pas Go-Za-Ram (Sepas Gozaram) = I'm Thankful= Mamnoon, Merci, Motshakkeram but it has a Persian root. درود | Do-rood( Dorood)= Hail, Greet= Salaam. This one is pure Persian too. I believe you meant some words like these, right? If so, I think you should ask more detailed questions, Cause there are lots of Pure Persian words which are also useful. Thus, I suggest you to ask the ones that you are going to use right at this time. In this way you'll get plenty of good answers to your questions too. موفق باشی حسن
August 11, 2014
Maybe it's a good idea if you come up with a list of words you find useful in English first, and then we could give you the Persian equivalents.
August 12, 2014
When you're trying to do something without enough attention and just to get rid of it, we say this 'māstmāli' and the verb would be 'māstmāli kardan'. ماستمالی ماستمالی کردن you should already know that 'yogurt' is 'māst' and to cover something (like a wall) or to rub something or to slightly hit your car to another car is 'mālāndan'; So ماستمالی actually means 'to rub yogurt to something else' (which is definitely something useless). I hope my explanations were complete and ماستمالی نکرده باشم!
August 8, 2014
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