About the Languages of the Dolomites I'll be skiing in the Dolomites for two weeks in January and I've been thinking of learning some Italian to use while there; however I've read people there speak can speak Italian, German and Ladin. I'm curious to know which would be the most useful. I can already speak some German (around A2 level), but I can't speak any Italian or Ladin. I realise that at a ski resort I should be able to get by with English, but I'd rather speak to the locals in their language. I will be practising German anyway and think I'd enjoy learning Italian if I did that too. I'd just be disappointed if I invested the time to learn Italian (or Ladin) and didn't get to use it. I finish my semester in November, so should have plenty of time in November, December and January to devote to an extra language. I'd like to ask for the advice of a local or someone with knowledge on the subject: Is it worth learning Italian or Ladin in addition to German, or am I better off spending more time focusing on the latter?I'll be staying in Alta Badia. If Wikipedia is to be believed, "the native language of the majority of the locals is Ladin."
Aug 8, 2014 1:43 PM
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Alto Adige (also Südtirol) is a region of Italy but for historical reasons the most speaking languages is German. Ladin is also spoken from a minority, about 50.000 in Alto Adige, Trentino e Veneto and, by the way, there are so many variety of it. For example I'm able to speak "ladino cadorino" but often I can't understand other variant of this language. On the other hand, everybody is able to speak Italian and German too, especially in touristic places. Take in consideration if you are interested on studying a language for useful or cultural reasons.
August 8, 2014
Hi I don't recommend to study ladin, it is a language spoken only by local people, you should focus in italian and in German, Furthermore, it depends where you will practise ski, because for example in Alto Adige German is more widespread than Italian, but in Trentino everybody speak Italian, in addition I have to tell you: Italians are not good with english language. send me a message and tell me more
August 8, 2014
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