That; promise That the equipment of modern camping becomes yearly more sophisticated is an entertaining paradox for the cynic,a brighter promise for the hopeful traveler who has sworn to get away from it all. Could I remove "that" in this sentence, and what's different between promise and prospect? Thanks in advance : )
Aug 9, 2014 12:45 PM
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You could not remove "that" in this sentence. You could replace it with something like "The fact that" Promise: Someone tells someone else that they will definitely do something, or give something. It's a little unclear who is making the promise in this example. I would say the new better equipment promises the traveler that the equipment will help the traveler get away from it all. Prospect: The chance that something will happen in the future. This one is different from promise, because no-one says they will make it happen.
August 9, 2014
Gong, you started the same thread yesterday and when you were asked to do some work instead of getting a spoon-fed answer, you started this thread. How can we help you, and how can you learn, if your mentality and behaviour are like this? This is the other thread:
August 10, 2014
No, you can't remove "that". It introduces a proposition. (The proposition is written incorrectly, by the way.) As for the difference between promise and prospect, I'm sorry but you can simply look it up:
August 9, 2014
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