vompanies 2 questions 1. Is the word company ok for all ? I mean , when to say enterprise or firm? 2. If several companies join like banks do you call it s fusion? Thanks
Aug 9, 2014 1:02 PM
Answers · 2
1. If you are referring to a run-of-the-mill company, the words company, enterprise, and firm are often quite interchangeable. However, I would not say that they are *always* interchangeable. For example, you cannot say "law company" for "law firm." I would also say that an "enterprise" sounds larger than a company, which has a secondary meaning (an assembly of individuals for social purposes). "Enterprise" can also connote a spirit of adventure (related to the adjective "enterprising"). Sometimes using one word also just sounds better than using any of the other two. The good thing, however, is that no one will misunderstand you if you use one word for any of the other two. 2. It is called a merger or a corporate merger in English.
August 9, 2014
An online dictionary tells me that one meaning of "firm" is "a partnership of two or more persons that is not recognized as a legal person distinct from the members composing it." I don't understand the legal nic, but I would say that "firms" always have "partners." If the senior people aren't "partners," it's not a "firm." And that if it IS a corporation--in the U.S., if it has the letters "Inc." or "Corp." in its official name--it is NOT a "firm."
August 9, 2014
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