What is "loving authority"? In order to successfully release himself from the control of his parents, a child must be secure in his parents’ power, as represented by their loving authority. The more effectively they communicate that authority, the more secure the child feels, and the better able he is to move away from them toward a life of his own. What is "loving authority"? After I googled the phrase and read many articles for a long time, it has struck me that it seem to mean I have to have authority over my child because I love him or her. However, I'm not sure about that term yet. Please help me!
Aug 10, 2014 2:39 AM
Answers · 1
"loving", in this case, is used as an adjective for "authority" here. in other words, the authority is brought affection, or love. why the authority would optimally be applied in a loving way is (I'm assuming) because it strengthens the will and security of the child's submittance to the authority. if the child is afraid of the authority, the relationship loses balance, as the child suffers while the parents gain.
August 10, 2014
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