MEANING OF "ПРЕВЪРТАМ" How would you translate “превъртат” in the following context? "При диспансерите се плаща според броя на преминалите болни. Диспансерите превъртат пациенти и приходите им са значително." The usual sources are not helpful: Google Translate offers “scrolled”!
Aug 11, 2014 8:12 AM
Answers · 3
Диспансерите превъртат пациенти и приходите им са значително............ превъртат - to turn around (half or full round) - verb, plural third person, present tense, though because of the specific form of the verb you could think of it as of present continuous tense (i.e. multiple turns) Google Translate gives such wrong result, because sometimes it could be used as "scroll" in "scrolling pages" or "scrolling screens" on a computer. Here it is used metaphoric and the meaning is "serving the patients routinely, without a proper care for the patient, just to increase the number of the served patients"
August 11, 2014
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