情况和場合一样还是不一样? 如果不一样的话怎么用它们?
Aug 12, 2014 6:12 AM
Answers · 3
Both情况and 場合can be translated to "situation / case", but they have different usage in Chinese. 情况describes general conditions, and non-tangible occasion e.g. 緊急情況 Emergency [situation] 特殊情況 special situation 他的情況不太好 He is not in good shape. / His situation is not that good. 在這個情況下,..... Under this situation,..... 場合describes an occasion. 緊急場合 《----WRONG! no such thing in Chinese. 特殊場合 《--OK. [please note the meaning is different here. It means "special scene"] 在這個場合, ...... 《--OK. [ it means "In this environment/occasion , ......] Note: 場 implies "a place/environment"
August 12, 2014
情况多指事情 场合是地方的形容
August 12, 2014
情况: case 場合: situation, place
August 12, 2014
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