as a office worker, how to improve english quickly? Hello, my name is cathy, i am graduated from university for two monthes. Now as a foreign sales person,i want to make new foreign friends and improve my english speaking. My skype is amanda.zhao7, if you want to my friend or learn chinese, just contact me. In addition, if you have good method to learn english,pls kindly tell me and so thanks for you...
Aug 12, 2014 7:55 AM
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hello,we are both Chinese right?i think it's a little bit hard for you because the vocabulary you gonna use is offical right?how about learning business English in the cram school?and this is my Skype ID:linkinrider
August 12, 2014
The most effective way to improve (in anything!) is to approach it from a well-rounded perspective and to set specific goals. This means that you should practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking. And you should choose a goal with a deadline for learning something specific. It could be a very short timeline (such as "learn 20 new vocabulary words this afternoon") or it could be a little bit longer. I suggest monthly goals that you can break down into weekly or daily tasks. For example, you might say that you want to be able to have a friendly dinner conversation with a client. Think about what you might talk to a stranger about over dinner and focus your learning on those ideas. (This might be small talk like recent movies, hobbies, family information. Or if you need to have more business-focused discussion, then you should make sure that you study those terms.) Having a language partner who will have basic conversation with you is very valuable for practicing speaking and listening.
August 12, 2014
Hello Cathy, Improving your English quickly will mean a lot of practice, but it should be focused on the vocabulary you need at the beginning. Typically, you would find a business English teacher who has experience of sales terminology, and a good understanding of international trade. You will also need a textbook with English vocabulary to study. Your teacher will help you with reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and for your needs, this should be intensive for a few weeks. Best wishes, Andi
August 12, 2014
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