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Is this sentence correct?! Hi guys! My friend asked to translate something for her! I dont want to tell her my translation until I'm 100% sure its correct lol! I was wondering if anyone could help me: 만약 과거에 실수는 많이 하고있었으면, 미래에 잘 할 수있어요. If you make mistakes in the past, you can do better in the future' Thanks guys! I really appreciate your help! :DWAIT maybe its 과거에 실수가 있었다면, 미래에는 더 잘 할 수 있다. ???
Aug 12, 2014 2:53 PM
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Yeong-hyun already answered to the first one so I would answer to the second one you wrote. 과거에 실수가 있었다면, 미래에 더 잘 할 수 있다. It's almost perfect except the verb. => 과거에 실수가 있엇다면, 미래에 더 잘 할 수 있을것이다. So basically, what you wrote in the first sentence is formal way to say it and the second one is informal way.
August 12, 2014
You can say like this: 만약 과거에 실수를 (많이) 했다면 다음번에/미래에 더 잘 할 수 있을거예요.
August 12, 2014
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