Korean: typing and writing 1. How to type in Korean? Are there custom keyboards just for Korean typing? 2. How to memorize the Korean characters? I'm having such a hard time memorizing them. Thanks :DTylor helped me figured out I meant korean keyboard layout :P Guess I'll need to get myself some stickers :D
Aug 13, 2014 10:48 PM
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part two of your question =) 1) http://ryanestrada.com/learntoreadkoreanin15minutes/index.html I wish I've seen this when I started learning Hangul! 2) find anything where you can listen and read at the same time - from songs, TV shows and K-dramas with Korean subtitles up to sites like http://www.talktomeinkorean.com, where among many other useful things you can find dialogs in .mp3 and .pdf
August 14, 2014
Once you intall the Korean keyboard using a PC or Mac, i recommend going to the website in the link below and play the typing game. It involves saving pigs. http://game.jr.naver.com/game/genre/view.nhn?contentsNo=2610 After a day or two of playing you'll be typing in no time!
August 14, 2014
1. What kinds of device use in now? If you use PC or Mac, at the setting->Language menu. you can add the korean keyboard. or If you use Android mobile device, you download the korean kyboard application from google play. 2. I think korean character is easy to memorize, because korean character is phonogram, It can matching with alphabet. if you need some help, don't hesitate contact me. Thank you.
August 13, 2014
I used https://www.branah.com/korean for same reason. you have the hangul keyboard order on the bottom of your screen, so you don't have to download/print anything :)
August 14, 2014
From my personal experience, you don't need stickers. I just downloaded this image ( http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg168/owbee/Mylinguistics/KoreanKeyboardLayout.png ), printed it out and used it as reference for a week, until I knew the location of the characters by heart.
August 14, 2014
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