Shaira Cruz
HELP! I NEED IT URGENT KOREAN HELP :( HELP Can you please translate this? Please? to be sent to a korean friend so an informal way will do!. PLEASE HELP ME == Hi ! You're already 22~ How times flies so fast... This will be somehow dramatic but please take this as a serious message... You've been thinking that you're not good enough but the truth is you're already the best~ If you don't like to be so manly, it's okay~Be what you want to be... I miss your bright smiles... I miss how cute you are when you're doing what you want to do and not the things you are ought to do... I think that's the reason why I fell for you... You seems to be bullied by your hyungs, don't worry you still have me... I will never stop supporting you... And whatever choice you would make in life... I'll accept and understand you no matter what... Cause I trust you, I know you would never let me be worried. Be confident~ I accept all you're weakness... You've been inspiring me for almost 3 years... And I won't stop here...
Aug 14, 2014 1:06 PM
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Hi Shaira Cruz, Here is my translation (I did my best since you seemed to be in a hurry). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 안녕! 너가 벌써 22살이구나~ 시간 정말 빠르다... :) 내 메일이 좀 당황스러울수도 있겠지만, 나는 진심으로 쓰는거니까 진지하게 읽어주길 바래... 넌 너 자신이 괜찮지 않다고 생각해왔을수도 있겠지만, 사실 너는 정말 최고의 사람이야~ 남자답게 행동하는게 힘들어도 상관없어~ 그냥 너는 너가 되고자하는 사람처럼 행동하면 되... 난 너의 밝은 미소가 그리워... 그리고 억지로 해야되는 일말고 하고싶은 일을 할때의 너는 정말 귀여운데 그런 너가 그리워... 요새 형들한테 놀림당하는거 같은데, 내가 있으니까 걱정하지마... 나는 항상 옆에서 널 도와줄거야... 그리고 너가 어떤 선택을 하던간에 난 항상 이해해주고 믿어줄거야... 왜냐면 널 믿으니까. 난 너가 절대 날 걱정 안시킬걸 알아. 자신감을 가져~ 난 너의 약한면도 전부 이해해... 너는 거의 3년 동안 나한테 영감을 줬어... 그러니까 나는 여기서 포기안할꺼야... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope I translated your heart properly.. p.s. also hope he gets better... )
August 14, 2014
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