'get in touch with' - 'get hold of' What's the difference between them? Thank you!
Aug 15, 2014 12:36 AM
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They are very similar expressions about contacting people (by phone, email, text), but they are used quite differently (in my opinion). "In touch with" tends to be used more with family and friends, and usually about general communication that maintains a relationship between two people. I call my grandmother every week and ask her "How are you?" and we talk about her health condition and the weather, nothing much. It has a lot of related expressions. Someone you meet while traveling may say, "let's keep in touch" -- let's continue to communicate and be friends. "I lost touch with my roommate after university" -- we stopped communicating and our friendship withered away. If you move away from family, they may say "Remember to stay in touch!" -- call or write them with updates about your new life. "Get ahold of" is used a lot more in business situations, and sometimes when contacting friends with important information. The person you want to contact is really busy, "running all over town," but you want to "grab" him for 5 minutes to give him some information or get some news from him. To a client or customer, "I can't get ahold of the manager right now. He might be in a meeting." To your friend you might say, "Hey, where were you last night? We wanted you to invite you to a party, but we couldn't get ahold of you. You didn't answer any of our calls or texts." -- "Sorry, I was really busy." In these situations, you could also "get in touch" as a slightly softer expression. However, I would never say "I need to get ahold of my grandmother and ask her 'So, how are you? How's life these days?" because it's not an urgent question and she's not a busy person. I hope that helps.
August 15, 2014
You can use them in the same situation - to make contact with someone - but if you want a finer understanding, just think of how "touch" and "hold" are different. Those would be the images in mind when you use these phrases.
August 15, 2014
There really is no difference between the two, they both essentially mean the same thing! They are both just two different ways of saying you want to get into contact with someone, you can use either and you will be understood. Try not to think too far in to it, I hope this helps!
August 15, 2014
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