what different between passion and love ?
Aug 15, 2014 4:38 AM
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In COMMON meanings OFTEN used in ordinary speech... "Love" is very broad and includes: 1) erotic (sexual) love, 2) the love of a mother for her child, 3) enthusiasm for certain foods or hobbies, "Passion" suggests intense, out-of-control, sexual love. In the case of love for "things," it can signal degrees of intensity. I hate broccoli, I like cauliflower, I love peaches, I am passionate about ice cream. IGNORE this, I'm just rambling on... A song lyric from a 1930s song illustrates how both "love" and "passion" can be used to mean love between the sexes. The lyric is skillful because the meaning of the word "passion" fits, but the rhyme with "national" is surprising and witty. "Love is sweeping the country, Waves are hugging the shore, All the sexes From Maine to Texas Have never known such love before... Each girl and boy alike, Sharing joy alike, Feels that passion'll Soon be national..."
August 15, 2014
passion may be get to person u not love him passion include mercy and all Humanitarian principle and love include passion
August 15, 2014
I think it's difficult to mark out clear differences between the two words. Traditionally, "passion" means an intense form of love that you can't fully control, but a lot of Americans (I don't know about other countries) use it to describe a "strong interest" in something. They say, "I have a huge passion for Mexican food," instead of "I like Mexican food a lot."
August 15, 2014
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