differences between cough up/splash out/squander/fork out/spendthrift Hi Folks, i know cough up/splash out/squander/fork out/ might be similar to each other, while spendthrift describes a person who spends too much money, as opposed to n. miser, skinflint, adj thrifty/frugal Pls correct me if i m wrong on this or you can think of other synonyms related to describing ways of spending, and explain the nuance of cough up/splash out/squander/fork out if there is any thanks. For those who are interested in English, in CHinese there is an interesting phrase " moonlite clan", 月光族 yue guang zu,i.e. ppl live from paycheck to paycheck can hardly make any saving.
Aug 15, 2014 8:30 AM
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I am not sure how important it is for people to learn idioms such as this. Some idioms are found in old movies, but not used by the younger generation as much. To use them today is somewhat comical -- always puts a smile on my face. A frugal person: miser, cheapskate, skinflint, penny-pincher. I think the most used would be cheapskate as in, “My girlfriend thinks I am a cheapskate because I won’t buy her flowers on her birthday.” Comical terms for dollars: bucks, clams, simoleons, smackers, greenbacks. Comical terms for money: cash, loot, dough, bread. Comical term for someone who spends too much money: Wife Examples: Believe it or not, there were young girls lined up at the department store to shell out 80 clams for a pair of designer jeans. The leader of the sales team said, “How are we going to convince the public to fork over their hard-earned dough to buy our worthless widgets.” I bet my friend that the Seattle Sea-Hawks would win the game. As soon as the game ended, I held my hand out and said, “Alright... Cough it up!”
August 23, 2014
Sorry, these expressions are quite different even though they are all concerned with spending money. Do a little research and tell us what you think.
August 15, 2014
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