questions bundle :) #2 1. I know what does the word [allude] mean, but I don't exactly know how to use it. Can I say for ex. [sth is worth of alluding]? 2. What's the difference between [bestow] and [endow]? 3. What's the difference between [intrinsic], [innate] and [inbred]? 4.What's the difference between [redress] and [rectify]?
Aug 15, 2014 3:08 PM
Answers · 1
When I want to check if a certain phrase is used or acceptable, I first look for a frequency with Google: "is worth of alluding" (quotes are important!!!) brings up exactly 1 result, namely your question on this forum. ;) BUT "worth alluding to" comes up with more than 60k results, so at least you know that the phrase has a good chance of being legitimate. This type of search comes with the caveat that more search results come from reputable sources (scholarly texts or newspaper articles), it is safer to use. Always pay attention to root domains of your search, this will give you the idea of its origin. For the above search a lot of results come up, an that makes me think that the phrase has been used more in the past than today. One link points to NYT article from 1866, and on another you can reed gems like this: "I would not deem this trifle worth alluding to except as a memento to yourself of being under no obligation to him on my account." (1853) Last but not least, I also recommend sites like these, as they offer precious resources : Cheers, Radina
August 15, 2014
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