Doubt How do you express doubt in Chinese, as in: "I doubt it will work", or "I doubt it's a good idea"? Thank you!
Aug 15, 2014 9:33 PM
Answers · 7
Well doubt means 怀疑 in Chinese, so the first sentence is 我怀疑它不能起作用/工作,the second one is 我怀疑这不是个好主意。
August 16, 2014
August 16, 2014
他们是直接翻译英语,我们要有中国味。 就如xiaolingzi说的,口语在这个情况不用怀疑。 第一句,我不知道它行不行。 第二句,我不知道它是不是好主意。
August 18, 2014
so the first answer was wrong. YY
August 16, 2014
Actually the expression is very similar with that in English - normally you can do direct translation. The two sentences in you question can be translated to: - 我怀疑它能工作/起作用 - 我怀疑它是个好主意
August 16, 2014
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