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Is it possible to buy a original handcrafted chinese sword (到) in China? As I just asked in the headline, is it possible to buy chinese swords in China, handcrafted and sharp as Hell, which are produced just like the old chinese swords? I ask this, because I'm very much interested in chinese 到 and I know a german website, where you can buy japanese Katana swords. So I wonder, if there is a site in China existing, where you can buy real handcrafted chinese swords, which are not cheap plagiates but real swords, which are so sharp that if a piece of paper falls onto them, it automatically get sliced. Do there even chinese websites exist, which sell these swords? And is it allowed to carry a sword in China, or maybe at least in a few provinces, just like they carry them in all the good old Shaw Brothers movies? I'm really interested into this stuff, because I am a huge fan of chinese swords and the skills the chinese have in using them. Thank you very much in advance!
Aug 16, 2014 2:10 PM
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I partially agree with Wayne, but there is one species of handcrafted sword/dagger named 英吉沙小刀, which is quite well-known due to its historical heritage and unique cultural background.
August 16, 2014
I'm afraid that you can't buy such swords in China beacause it is illegal to sell them. Almost all handcrafted swords sold in China are quite blunt.
August 16, 2014
I think you can confuse that with the Japanese Katana. They have nice sharp swords - which can cost you an amount that could buy a nice car otherwise.
August 17, 2014
到 oder 刀 ? :D
August 16, 2014
@Fresh_Milk: I saw the picture, it looks cool and reminds me of japanese Tantos. And I hope one day I can look out for the chinese swords, which you have mentioned to me. :)
August 23, 2014
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