long for the noise What is the meaning of "Long for "? not those who long for the noise and activities of overpopulated beaches Thanks a lot
Aug 17, 2014 10:43 AM
Answers · 6
To long for is to wish for, or to pine for, or to miss something. In the context of the text, if you would miss overpopulated beaches and the noise and action that occurs around them, then don't go to the place being talked about in the text.
August 17, 2014
I Googled your phrase and found the context: "Madagascar: Example of Ecotourism. The island attracts tourists who are interested in nature and wildlife and not those who long for the noise and activities of overpopulated beaches." The usage is slightly humorous, slightly ironic. Who loves noise? Who loves OVERpopulated beaches? People who do love beaches would say "We like a lively place, with things to do and people to meet." The writer dislikes beaches. The writer shows contempt for people who like beaches by describing them in a negative way. "Long for" means a serious, deeply felt, long-felt desire or wish or yearning. A Google search finds me some examples of use: "Though time, to his mind, stood still and made no progress, nevertheless the hour he so longed for came..." "All my life I had longed for a home." "Perhaps he, too, felt something of the desolateness without and perhaps he, too, longed for some human companionship." "...the sight of her stirred desire within him, so that he longed for her to be sweet and kind with him..." ""The children are no burden," the woman replied; "but rather a godsend, for both my husband and I have longed for two little angels like these long ago."
August 17, 2014
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