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active in the sentence :D #1 My dear commander, In my opinion, the advice and active co-operation of such a man would be invaluable. in the sentence, 'active' means busy with or ready to perform a particular activity? #2 He presented himself as a man only helping British companies sell abroad. what is 'presented himself' means?
Aug 17, 2014 3:02 PM
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The meanings are as follows: 1) Here, "The advice and active cooperation of such a man would be invaluable" means "The advice and Working Help given by such a man would be invaluable". 2) And in your second sentence, "He presented himself" means "He showed/ revealed himself". (Both 'Showed' and 'Revealed' are correct, but it depends on the context that which one should be used.)
August 17, 2014
For #1, you could think of active co-operation and performing an action or doing something. You could also substitute active for ongoing and not change the meaning of the sentence. For #2, this would be a way of acting or speaking or giving the impression of. You could word it like this: He gave the impression of a man only helping British companies sell abroad.
August 17, 2014
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