Accusative vs Genitive case for negated verbs Which is the correct choice and when? The particular example that prompted this question is: Я не обратил внимания vs Я не обратил внимание
Aug 17, 2014 5:50 PM
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If you use negative form you should always say "не обратил вниманиЯ", but in the positive sentences the infinitive form is required: "я обратил вниманиЕ, что окончания у глаголов разные" =)
August 18, 2014
Я не обратил что? Внимание. Я не обратил чего? Внимания. They are absolutely the same and in the real conversation nobody would pay any attention which choice you used.
August 17, 2014
Vasya already gave you an excellent comprehensive answer in the comments. This was a new concept for me too. To sum it up, there is no good general answer. Sometimes they are fully interchangeable and sometimes only one is acceptable. Я не видел стол(а). You can use either one here
August 18, 2014
In simple negative phrases both are _correct_. Genitive sounds a bit more 'literary' but acc. is still correct. A good list of exceptions you'll see following the Vasya's gramota link. Cf. the French ne... pas _de_ ... . One possible way to understand it (i'm not sure if it's correct) is 'partitive' function of genitive: 'some _of_ ХХХ' 'One _of_ us' A haven't read*written/seen [a little] _of_ this. Compare to Russian налить чай ('the' tea) vs. налить чая/чаю ('some' tea) (Russian has a specialized form of 'partitive case' for masculine uncountable things, which differs from the genitive proper from: чая-чаю, сахара-сахару. Alas, in negations genitive proper sounds better... which effectively ruins my theory. But saying 'я не обратил вниманиЯ' I DO have in mind an image of 'attention' as a 'resource' of which I have paid nothing. So.... It correlates well with gramota's statement that in the situations with 'definite', 'the' objects (ЭТУ книгу) and with the proper nouns (Машу) acc. fits better)
August 18, 2014
Правильно говорить: Я не обратил внимания. Вторая фраза - неправильная. Но без отрицания говорим: Я обратил внимание. Я не обратил чего? - внимания Я обратил что?- внимание
August 18, 2014
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