Fur coat with an uneven hem I am translating a text about different types of fur coats and other folk dress. Could you please confrim if the sentences below could be written as they are? Thank you very much He gave the figures on the frescoes at the chateau in Český Krumlov a character of masks wearing costumes with a certain level of stylization. However, based on the picture, it is not clear at all why this type of fur coat should be termed as fur coat with an uneven hem because it does not show any features like this and moreover, it is by no means similar to the garment from the other region
Aug 17, 2014 6:13 PM
Answers · 3
No, it is a text concerning folk dress, especially sheep fur coats. There were two types in Moravia - one called "tailed fur coat" because its bootom ends were made by animal tails, and the other one as cípátý in Czech, i.e. something like uneven hem. Cíp means also "taiL - a triangle-shaped piece of fabric at the bottom of your e.g. skirt
August 18, 2014
If we had a picture, we might be able to suggest something (or confirm that you're right). I was actually there last March, and I've just had a look through my photos in case I'd also taken a picture. No luck, sorry. Would "with a rough hem" or "with a jagged hem" fit? "Uneven" makes it seem as if the dressmaker was careless (though it still could work in the paragraph).
August 18, 2014
Are you trying to describe a painter?
August 18, 2014
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